Building an online presence for local brick and mortar store

Fort Thompson Sporting Goods is a family-owned business that has a long-standing relationship with outdoor enthusiasts.


The problem

Fort Thompson’s brick and mortar store had an established reputation in central Arkansas, but didn’t have the online presence to cater to outdoor enthusiasts beyond. They wanted to offer a strong online presence while providing a quality shopping experience for their customers.

The solution

After extensive research of the outdoor sporting goods online marketplace, REV365 developed digital marketing solutions that catered specifically to this demographic. We developed the following:

  • — Shopify store
  • — Marketing strategy
  • — Digital paid advertising (Google & Facebook)
  • — Email marketing
  • — Responsive Web development
  • — Software consulting
  • — Product data polishing
  • — SEO
Fort Thompson Website
Fort Thompson Banner

The results

The results were excellent. In 2020 alone, we increased online traffic by 99%, online ad revenue by 87%, and all channel revenue by 106%. We saw immediate growth in online engagement and successfully established an online presence.

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Building an online presence for local brick and mortar store