Riceland products in amazon

Riceland sells premium-quality rice products and consists of thousands of farmers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas.

The problem

Riceland had an established Amazon Store, but they weren’t using its full capabilities to maximize sales across all platforms. In order to increase sales, they needed Amazon solutions that addressed advertising, assets, product reviews, and fulfillment options.

The solution

Our team began building a stronger Amazon Store by:

  • Allowing products to be fulfilled by Amazon and providing Prime shipping
  • Adding Alexa Skills to Riceland products
  • Launching an AMZ Brand Store
  • Developing and increasing advertising
  • Redesigning store graphics with Riceland’s updated branding
  • Improving product imagery
Riceland products amazon e-commerce

The results

Fully building out Riceland’s Amazon Store had powerful results. In 2018-2019, we increased online sales by 495%, improved product reviews, increased listings, and had the top five product listings in the industry. In 2019-2020, we had a 7x return rate on ad spend, won back the Seller Fulfilled Prime Badge from Amazon, and shipped to 47/50 states. We continue to see accelerated growth in Riceland’s Amazon Store today.

Online Sales
Return on Ad spend
Case Study

Increasing online sales by 495% for farmer-owned company

Riceland Foods
We established Riceland’s Amazon Store and provided inventory management, market research/analysis, advertising, and consulting services.