Expand Your Business


Social Media Strategy – Build and maintain social media profiles that bring value to your brand, and assist in accomplishing your business goals.

HIPAA, ADA, and W3C Compliance and Standards – Ensure that your data is secure, and your systems and processes are designed with security compliance in mind.

Benchmarking and KPI Metrics Development – Know where your business currently stands, where you want to go, and what metrics will assist in tracking your progress, and making informed decisions.

Ongoing Performance and Adoption Reporting – Receive customized reports showing only the data your team needs to operate efficiently and intelligently, and understand program ROI.

Current/Evolving Best Practices – Focus on your business and goals, while allowing our team of industry experts to guide you on the ever-changing practices and strategies in the digital landscape.

Search Engine Optimization – Make sure your website is displayed where your target audience is looking for you. From keyword strategies to ongoing website and copy adjustments, we have you covered.

Real-Time Performance Dashboards – Receive all of the data you need, when you need it, without any of the fluff that distracts you from your goals.

Inbound Marketing – Tell your story in a manner which engages your target audience and encourages action. Know how people are interacting with your space and develop content relevant and valuable to that audience.

Digital State of the Union – Our team of consultants and data analysts will conduct a thorough review of your digital presence, with recommendations on how to improve.

Competitive Analysis – A comprehensive look at the competitive landscape in your market, highlighting your advantages and pain points, as compared to your competitors.

Search Engine Ranking – Know what kind of Search Engine Results Pages your business is featured on, and how to improve your presence, increase rank, and promote visibility.

Audience Modeling – Identify exactly who your target audiences are by segmenting them into buckets, and crafting campaigns specific to each group.

Market Analysis – Conduct a full analysis of your current or target markets, before investing in costly marketing or operational initiatives: opportunities, competitors, partners, dangers, disruptors.

Search Engine Marketing Performance Evaluation – Review how your paid search and SEO investments are contributing to your overall business goals, and determine the ROI of each.

Gap Analysis – Clearly define where your organization is today, where it realistically should be at this time, where inefficiencies lie, what opportunities exist for improvement, and what steps need to be taken to reach your goals.

Marketplace Selling – Develop a seamless shopping experience from your brick-and-mortar to your eCommerce platforms – for all customers, on any device, at any time.


eCommerce Site (Side Platform) – Take your eCommerce business to the next level with the proprietary Side Commerce platform, architected to help brands succeed in the competitive eCommerce marketplace.

iOS and Android Application Development – Don’t just launch another generic app into the marketplace. Build an intuitive experience that your users will find value in for years to come.

Website and Landing Page Development – Ensure your website and complementary digital properties are connected not only in brand continuity, but also in analytics and data acquisition.

Web Hosting Architecture and Support – Ensuring your digital properties are hosted in a manner that promotes both security and availability (up-time).

Device Specific UI Design – Android and iOS users expect a certain experience in their apps, specific to their mobile device of choice. Don’t force your Android audience to navigate your app through iOS navigation cues.

API Architecture and Development – Whether you require data to be surfaced to your clients, or your field team, speed is key, and our information architects build high availability API’s to serve that need.

Loyalty Programs – Reward your customers for their loyalty with custom programs and incentives. These programs can be provided as a native app, or web-based platform.

Mass Texting Platforms – Need to communicate directly with your subscribed audience via text message? REV365’s proprietary texting platform provides a cost effective means to accomplish just that.

Couponing Apps and Platforms – Serve coupons to your customers through one time use redemptions programs via a set of native apps, or a web-based platform

Lead Management Software – Track your audience engagement through the entire customer lifecycle from “unknown” to “brand advocate” with customizable lead management software.

Email Deliverability and Strategy – Don’t let your investment and hard work end up in your target audience’s spam folder. Develop contact lists and email campaigns strategically, with REV365.

CRM Platform – Manage your customer relationships in one central location, aiding organization for tasks and conversations, and boosting organization wide accountability.


Social Media Strategy Development (Organic Growth) – Develop strategies for how to attract, engage, and mobilize your audiences through social media.

Social Media Management (Paid and Organic) – From strategy through to execution, the REV365 team will provide guidance in audience identification, messaging, voice, budget, platform, and ROI.

Search Engine Marketing (Paid and Organic) – Selecting the proper keywords, and creating adds that are hyper-targeted to your audience and desired outcome will provide a positive user experience and drive increased ROI.

Mass Messaging Strategies and Platforms – whether through text, email, or “snail mail,” your strategy must follow very specific guidelines to be successful and drive a positive ROI.

Open Rates and Campaign Analytics – Work with a team of strategists and data analysts to develop strategies, design broadcast collateral, and ascertain true ROI and Customer Acquisition Costs.

Brand Value Proposition – Identify what it is about your brand that builds brand equity, and work to highlight and optimize the rest of your processes and strategies around that identified value proposition.

White Papers – Work with our team of strategists, data analysts, writers, and creatives to develop compelling documents establishing your authority in your space.

Case Studies – Develop stylized documents or videos illustrating how your product, service, or organization solved an issue or accomplished a specific goal that your target audience would find relevant to their needs.

Marketing and Branding Packages – Build a brand and marketing strategy based on market trends, data analyses, and audience modeling specific to your target market, but holding true to your unique style.

Copywriting – Keep your website content up-to-date, your blog relevant, and your social media fresh and engaging with our team of copywriters and creatives.

Decision Maker Profiles – Identify the individuals in an industry or organization that have the knowledge about your product or industry to see the value in your service, and the power to close the deal.

Client Deliverables Documentation – by understanding how your target audience is using or interacting with your services, you will be better equipped to articulate your service and value proposition.

Solution Summaries – Do you have the best, most well thought out solution or service on the market today, but not know how to articulate that? The REV365 team will work with you to understand your service, identify your market, and create written collateral to articulate that service.