Two bottles of MVS spring water and lead manager

The problem

Mountain Valley Spring Water (MVS) had a well-established brand and strong distribution network when they came to REV365. The biggest challenge they faced was connecting customer leads the brand was generating with the services that the distributor network was providing. In other words, they needed a custom platform that would grow with their team, widely-spread distributors, and varied product line and would accurately track visitor behavior and conversion.

The solution

The REV365 team created a custom platform called Lead Manager that allows MVS to:

  • Effectively pass on qualified leads to their distribution partners
  • Give the distributors a way to quickly and effectively work leads
  • Utilize a custom ticketing system for distributor issues
  • Use cloud storage for the whole company
  • Create email campaigns directly within the platform

MVS new leads

The results

The switch to Lead Manager proved to go beyond Mountain Valley’s expectations. The complete platform and intuitive UI gave their sales team, distributors, and headquarters important insights into customer science, team performance, customer support, and performance of marketing efforts. Mountain Valley saw a significant difference in their marketing strategy, internal company organization, and distributor efficiency.

Case Study

Streamlining leads for America’s favorite premium spring water

Mountain Valley Spring Water
REV365 created a custom management platform for Mountain Valley Spring Water to follow through on leads, study visitor behavior and conversion, and streamline their internal processes with distributors.